Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Job Classification Specification

Pay Grade A37

Basic Function
To perform the full range of emergency road service for disabled vehicles and provide guidance/information to Controllers, Operators, and Maintenance Personnel.

Classification Characteristics

Supervised by: Division Maintenance Superintendent; Sr Director, Equipment Maintenance; Sr Manager, Environmental Compliance And Services; Equipment Engineering Supervisor


FLSA: Non-Exempt

Work Environment
In order to achieve Metro’s goals in support of its mission, potential candidates are required to commit and continuously practice and demonstrate the following work values:

Examples of Duties
  • Receives repair assignment and vehicle location from Bus Operations Control Center (BOC), locates disabled vehicle, and independently identifies and resolves roadcall problems
  • Performs vehicle diagnostics with additional input from Bus Operator, Vehicle Operations Supervisors (VOS) and by using electronic test equipment such as laptop computers as well as DVOM meters, and other diagnostic equipment
  • Performs repairs if applicable on all types of vehicle systems, including engines, transmissions, wheel chair lifts, and multiplex systems
  • Forwards diagnostic inform via work cards and the M3 system to division personnel
  • Provides information or guidance to controllers, operators, VOS and mechanics on what procedures to follow regarding revenue equipment road calls
  • Devises and utilizes service repair and bus schedule adjustments to help ensure continuity of service or minimize service delays
  • Interacts with various Metro personnel, law enforcement, and outside agencies to resolve roadcall problems and road hazards which impacts on-time bus service
  • Determines if disabled vehicle is safe to drive Initiates hazardous material spill cleanup until assistance arrives on the scene
  • Utlilizes M3 and ATMS to track vehicles and to close out calls noting the problem found and the repair made to resolve the incident
  • Recommends changes in regular maintenance schedules and provides equipment failure solutions based on field repairs
  • Patrols service area to locate malfunctioning or disabled vehicles
  • Inspects and ensures assigned service vehicle is in proper working condition and contains all the necessary parts to repair disabled vehicles
  • Contributes to ensuring that the EEO policies and programs of Metro are carried out

Essential Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • Complex troubleshooting and repair techniques of transit bus systems, components, and sub-systems at the expert level
  • Advanced methods, materials, equipment and safety policies and procedures utilized in the maintenance of diesel, alternate fuel and gasoline engines, electrical systems, electronic control systems, fueling systems, and other systems found in heavy equipment, transit buses and other vehicles
  • Bus preventative maintenance procedures
  • Computerized diagnostic test equipment and the effective use of such equipment
  • California Highway Patrol inspection procedures
  • Operations of the Technical Information Center (TIC)
  • Vehicle operations and safety

Ability to:
  • Diagnose and repair transit bus components, systems and subsystems
  • Utilize computers, software, and other computerized diagnostic equipment to analyze and resolve equipment failures and other mechanical problems
  • Maintain and repair heavy mechanical equipment and safely operate a variety of test equipment, hand tools, and power equipment
  • Provide effective instruction and training to lower level mechanic personnel and others
  • Comprehend technical information found in maintenance manuals, procedures, and schematics
  • Safely operate buses, and other Metro vehicles
  • Lift and move objects weighing up to 80 pounds
  • Conduct road tests to diagnose mechanical problems and ensure problems have been properly rectified
  • Follow oral and written instructions
  • Demonstrate proficient use of special tools and equipment required of this classification
  • Interact professionally with various levels of Metro employees and outside representatives
  • Mentor the development and skill enhancement of lower classification mechanics
  • Read, write, speak, and understand English

Minimum Qualifications
Potential candidates interested in the ATU FIELD EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN position MUST meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a current Metro Mechanic A with a minimum of 5 years in the Mechanic A classification or a Master Mechanic
  • Valid Class A California Driver’s License with "P" endorsement must be maintained

Special Conditions
  • Frequent exposure to weather, physical, electrical, mechanical, and chemical hazards (when conducting repairs on freeways and other major roads)
  • Must provide necessary tools of the trade
  • Must wear required safety equipment whenever on duty
  • Must comply with all California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) regulations and utilize approved safety equipment and personal protective gear including, but not limited to, respirators, eye and hearing protective devices (HPD), if and when required
  • Positions in this classification are considered safety sensitive under Federal Transit Administration (FTA) drug and alcohol regulations
Positions in this classification are considered safety sensitive under Federal Transit Administration (FTA) drug and alcohol regulations.

This job specification is not to be construed as an exhaustive list of duties, responsibilities, or requirements. Employees may be required to perform other related job duties.

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